There is a ton of hype around the notion of the metaverse, with no shortage of companies trying to build it. We have legacy operations that have been around for years like Second Life.  We have huge tech giants like Meta trying to brute force their way to the metaverse by spending billions on it. We have medium sized players that target a particular consumer like Roblox does for kids. We have newer start ups like Decentraland and The Sandbox that are building on blockchain and embracing web3.

But what, really, is the promise of the metaverse? What does that term even mean? 

In this episode, your host Niko Vuori talks to one of the best thinkers, writers, podcasters and operators on the subject of the metaverse, Yonatan Raz-Fridman. He is the founder & CEO of Supersocial, which develops content and games for the metaverse, and is also the creator of Into the Metaverse, a Substack newsletter and a podcast that - surprise surprise - covers the metaverse in depth.