Gamers understand the metagame.

We break down the business behind it.

Our Story

Naavik, in Hindi, represents the boatman who helps passengers navigate convoluted waters and reach their desired destinations safely. We work similarly. Since our founding in 2019, we’ve helped 250+ companies across the games industry reach their desired destinations of success.

Of course, reaching success can be a complex endeavor for many games teams. As such, Naavik’s consulting and advisory services cover wide ground — from game design and market research to marketing and corporate strategy. We continue to expand our talent and capabilities each and every day.

Naavik doesn’t only want to add value behind closed doors. We also want to discover and share new insights openly. That’s why we started the Open Gaming Research Initiative — our effort to learn publicly and collaboratively with the industry’s brightest minds and keystone brands.

In short, everything we do revolves around our core mission: to enable games industry professionals to master the business of gaming. If this sounds exciting and you’d like to learn more or potentially join us as a client, consultant, creator, or partner, we’d love to talk to you.

We would be nothing if it weren’t
for our incredible team.

We would be nothing if it weren’t for our incredible team.

Core Team

Aaron Bush

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Abhimanyu Kumar

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Jordan Phang

Consulting Partner

Content Leads

Evtim Trenkov

Head of Content Operations

Alexandra Takei

Podcast Host, Business Director at
Ruckus Games

Devin Becker

Podcast Host and Senior Consultant,
Gaming Lead at Nami

Niko Vuori

Podcast Host, Founder & CEO at


Anthony Pecorella

Senior Consultant

David Taylor

Senior Consultant

Eva Grillova

Senior Consultant

Florian Ziegler

Senior Consultant

Heloisa Yoshioka

Senior Consultant

Tom Kinniburgh

Senior Consultant

Owen Soh


Jimmy Stone

Financial Consultant (Partner)

Matej Lancaric

User Acquisition Consultant (Partner)

Om Tandon

UI/UX Consultant (Partner)

Philipp Zupke

Game Design Consultant (Partner)

Creator Community

Anil Das-Gupta

Co-CEO, Co-founder at First Light Games

Carson Taylor

Gaming Product Strategy at Samsung

David Elton

President at Blue Line Studios

Felipe Mata

Head of Studio at FunPlus

Harshal Karvande

Game Design Lead at Rovio

Jonathan Anastas

CEO at ClashTV

Matt Dion

Founder at Always Scheming LLC

Miikka Ahonen

Co-founder at Lightheart Entertainment

Niek Tuerlings

Lead Game Designer at Moonlit Games

Sebastian Park

Co-founder at Infinite Canvas, Venture Partner at BITKRAFT

Tammy Levy

Chief Games Officer at