Naavik Consulting

End-to-end services helping you navigate the future of fun

250+ companies have benefited from our guidance and services.

250+ companies have benefited from our guidance and services.

We offer a range of services across gaming’s business verticals.

Corporate Strategy

 Tackle business transformation, long-term
planning, and financial success

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Market Research

Customized, in-depth reports on
any market, genre, trend, or competitor

Due Diligence

Expert analysis on prospective M&A and
investments – for companies and funds

Game Design

Customized game deconstructions, feature
audits, core/metagame design, and more

Economy Design

Designing, modeling, simulating, and reviewing
economies for live and pre-launch games

Tokenomics Design

Build innovative web3 economies that are
sustainable, compliant, and fun

UI / UX Design

Optimize player experiences with expert
reviews, user surveys, wireframes, and more

Live Ops Strategy

Planning, designing and evaluating your game’s
live operations strategy

Product Management

On-demand insights and analytics to improve
your game’s monetization and retention

Financial Modelling

Customized, versatile, and effective models
that will help your team make better decisions

Brand Marketing

Strategies and plans to take your game’s
positioning and awareness to the next level

Performance Marketing

Create, measure, and optimize campaigns
that profitably attract players, at scale

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