Nyan Heroes is a team-based hero shooter featuring small cats piloting giant mechs. The studio was founded in Singapore in 2021 and is staffed by industry veterans from hit franchises like Marvel’s Avengers, Destiny, and Halo. Combining web3 and web2 elements, the game aspires to competitive gameplay and has already secured partnerships with top names in the esports space. The game also has garnered impressive reviews and early stats. Nyan Heroes is a top 5 most wishlisted game on the Epic Games Store, a top 16 most played game on the Epic Games Store during its recent alpha demo, and boasts over 1.3 million registered users, 80% of whom are web3 Solana natives. 

In this episode, your host, Niko Vuori, speaks with Nyan Heroes Creative Director & CEO, Max Fu, about the game, how he intends to compete in esports, and how he’s thinking about balancing web2 and web3 elements. Max also unpacks his love for cats and how the Nyan Heroes felines can form the foundation for a major new IP.

Check out Nyan Heroes online and in the Epic Games Store. You can find Max Fu on LinkedIn.


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