Together with Dive, one of our Open Gaming Research Initiative partners, we’re exploring the topic of data and games through a limited podcast series called “Data Corner.” This episode is the final segment of this mini-series, so we decided to focus it on a fascinating future-facing topic — AI Analytics.

According to Gartner’s Analytics Ascendancy Model, there are four types of analytics that sharpen hindsight, reveal insight, and create foresight:

1. Descriptive analytics, which explain what happened

2. Diagnostic analytics, which explain why it happened

3. Predictive analytics, which explain what will happen

4. Prescriptive analytics, which explain how one can make it happen

From a gaming analytics standpoint, gaming studios of all sizes and analytics capabilities live on various points of this framework and employ each of the four analytics types to varying degrees. However, AI has the potential to act as an exoskeleton here and elevate all aspects of this framework. 

To discuss all this and more, we’re joined by Elad Levy, founder and CEO of Dive, Daniel Berdichevski, Playtika’s ex-VP of Data Science and Products (now a Data Management Consultant), and your host, Abhimanyu Kumar, co-founder of Naavik.

We hope you enjoy the last episode of the Data Corner. Please send any thoughts, feedback, and questions to [email protected].

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