Trading card games (TCGs) have always been the most natural fit for web3. Their real-world analog cousins are inherently collectible, generally have a notion of rarity, and have a thriving secondary market. 

So it is no surprise that some of the earliest and most hyped entrants into web3 gaming have been TCGs, and perhaps none more so than Parallel, the Toronto-based company building an ambitious sci-fi themed game. To realize its ambitions, the team raised $50 million at a $500 million valuation and is making waves - one of its 1-of-1 cards sold for $1.1M million in ETH, and the game recently won the top prize at the prestigious GAM3 Awards dedicated to recognizing the best of web3 gaming. 

To learn more about what Parallel is building and how divorce software (yes, it's a thing) can prepare you for a career in web3 TCG game design, your host, Niko Vuori, sat down with Kohji Nagata, one of the founders of Parallel, for an enlightening conversation. 

To learn more about Parallel, visit You can find Kohji Nagata on LinkedIn.


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