The Super Mario Brothers Movie made $1.36B at the box office, shattering records and solidifying the power of gaming IP on the big screen. Transmedia across TV and Film is an active growth strategy for many gaming companies, and a high number of works are in the pipeline as Hollywood looks towards games as a fertile ground for untold stories.

Alexandra Takei, Director at Ruckus Games, hosts Roy Lee, producer of films like the LEGO Movie, IT, and LEGO Batman. He is slated to produce Microsoft’s 2025 Minecraft Movie, God of War TV and film properties, a Bioshock film, a Shadow of Colossus film, and more. What is the deal-making process for gaming adaptations? What price are studios willing to pay? How much should studios be involved? What games lend themselves to being adapted, and what makes an adaptation successful? We cover this and so much more in today’s discussion.   

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