How do you build a dedicated Roblox studio? The answer: “hire your customer” according to the Co-Founders of Tiny Comet Emily Tierney and Anca Agapi. Your host, Alexandra Takei, Director at Ruckus Games, alongside the Tiny Comet team discusses building and running a studio where the average employee is under twenty years old, acquiring users on a platform that has 40M games and a notorious algorithm that’s largely responsible for surfacing your game, and the mission Tiny Comet has to build games that are not only fun, but, as they say, are “learnified” experiences. The pandemic set back education tenfold, and this team is not only on a mission to build where the future of gamers (and game developers) are growing up, but also to boldly tackle a long-standing societal problem. We hope you’ll tune in. 

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