RallyHere builds on the back of years of experience in Live Service, before the term was even coined, as Hi-Rez Studios under the leadership of CEO Stewart Chisam. RallyHere bottles this expertise into a toolset that can provide a huge edge for teams that want to leverage the power of live services in games. Hi-Rez Studios is behind many popular and long running live service games like Smite, Paladins, Tribes: Ascend, Rogue Company, Realm Royale. Not only is the expertise of Hi-Rez baked in, but Hi-Rez themselves use the service, ensuring it consistently delivers. What exactly does “live service” mean, why is it so hard to pull off, and why is it suddenly a hot topic? Join your host Devin Becker as he digs into these questions and more with Stewart Chisam.


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