Amitt Mahajan, co-creator of cultural icon and Internet treasure Farmville, has been working at the intersection of gaming and technology for his entire career. Now, Amitt has set his sights on web3, and more specifically, building true fully on-chain “forever games” and the technical tools to power them, in order to facilitate autonomous worlds, ensure game longevity, and create a more immersive player experience. His company, Proof of Play, recently announced a $33 million seed round led by a16z, as well as the Free-to-Play release of their first game, Pirate Nation, a fully on-chain pirate-themed RPG. Amitt joins your host, Niko Vuori, to talk about how the blockchain is like the digital version of cave drawings, allowing digital art to last forever. He also covers why gamers and developers should care about fully on-chain games, why he chose Ethereum + Arbitrum Nova as his tech stack, and how much harder it is to build games without centralized servers. 

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