Together with Nexus, one of our Open Gaming Research Initiative partners, today we’re diving into the topic of content creator programs.

Content creator programs are designed to incentivize and reward the creators in one’s community for driving attention towards a game. It isn’t the newest of growth strategies, but it's become increasingly popular in recent years. Companies like Ubisoft, Scopely, miHoYo, EA, Bandai Namco, MY.GAMES, and many more all host their own creator programs to drive growth across their product portfolios.

At Naavik, we’ve looked into a few content creator programs through our public writings and consulting projects, and we’re constantly amazed at how effective this growth strategy can be when done right. So today, we’re going to focus on breaking down the current state and future of content creator programs.

To discuss all this and more, host Abhimanyu Kumar, co-founder of Naavik, is joined by Justin Sacks, CEO of Nexus. Please also make sure to check out our article on creator revenue attribution as additional reading.

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