Game7, a community formed to accelerate the adoption of Web3 gaming, recognized that there had to date not been a comprehensive overview of the entire Web3 ecosystem, and decided to do something about. On November 13th, they released the very first truly comprehensive study that covers the past 6 years of Web3 gaming, using objective and neutral primary research methods. The report captured and examined data from almost two thousand Web3 games, over one thousand funding rounds, and almost two hundred blockchain ecosystems. 

What can this data tell us about the state of Web3? 

To answer all our questions your host, Niko Vuori, talks with one of the primary authors of the report, George Isichos from Game7, with additional insights from Naavik’s own Web3 analyst, Devin Becker. 

To download the free 61-page report, make sure to visit You can find George Isichos on LinkedIn.

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