Venture markets – within and beyond gaming – soared in 2020-2021 and fell back to earth over the past couple of years, but what should we expect in 2024? And what may change about gaming VC longer-term?

To answer these questions and more, host Aaron Bush is joined by Moritz Baier-Lentz, Partner and Head of Gaming at Lightspeed. Moritz shares his thoughts on the state of venture capital, lessons learned as an investor, why he’s targeting increased exposure to growth-stage deals and post-product-market fit opportunities, and shares an update on Lightspeed Gaming’s first year.

Moritz walks us through his first three investments at Lightspeed: Believer (raised $55M in Series A), Gardens (raised $31.3M in Series A), and Inworld AI (raised $50M+). 

We then dig into what corners of the market are attracting Lightspeed’s attention in gaming & interactive media today. This includes new studios (like cross-platform forever games), generative AI applications (for developer workflows + novel user experiences), interactive media applications and platforms (leveraging UGC, applied game mechanics, etc.), 3D innovations (like new game engines, generative 3D, and reality capture methods), as well as XR and new AI-driven devices. He also discusses how Lightspeed supports teams across the traditional boundaries of geographies and at the cross-sections of gaming and other industries (like consumer, enterprise, fintech, healthcare, and blockchain).

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