Hybridcasual is a buzzword of late, but what exactly does it mean, and where is it going? As hypercasual continues declining, many games teams are experimenting with either converting their existing hypercasual games to hybridcasual (by adding more casual features) or are building hybridcasual games from the ground up. It’s a rapidly shifting environment with many moving pieces.

To help make sense of the evolution, Niek Tuerlings, lead game designer at Moonlit Games and long-time Naavik contributor, joins host Aaron Bush to share his research and takeaways. The duo dives into examples from Say Games (Dreamdale), Voodoo (Mob Control + Collect ‘Em All), Madbox (Pocket Champs), and Habby (Survivor.io), shares overarching takeaways, and discusses where the trend is going next.

This discussion is also based on Niek’s excellent essay, which covers similar ground. Check it out for even more context and insight: https://naavik.co/deep-dives/evolution-of-hybridcasual-deepdive/

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