User generated content is a multi-decade wave that continues to grow and transform the games industry. One company pioneering this future is Overwolf, which is creating an all-in-one platform for creating, sharing, and monetizing in-game apps, mods, and game servers. As is laid out in the episode, Overwolf is looking to help creators earn billions of dollars over time by essentially enabling all game studios to build their own versions of UEFN for their games. It’s a big, exciting vision, and Overwolf is making steady progress toward its goals.

To help catch us up to speed on Overwolf, Naavik co-founder Aaron Bush is joined by Uri Marchand, the company’s co-founder and CEO. This is Uri’s third time on The Naavik Gaming Podcast, but the discussion dives into new territory. We discuss what new projects Overwolf is working on, how modding and game servers are destined to evolve, and take a step back to learn how Uri has grown as a leader in his 13 years at Overwolf.

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