In this week's Roundtable, we follow up on the previous episode with this week’s Epic Games Store policy shift, highlighting the decision to create an Adults Only exception for web3 games, notably reinstating titles like Gods Unchained. The conversation then pivots to our final episode of the year celebration, packed with bold predictions and in-depth discussions for 2024. We delve into the evolving landscape of consoles, subscription models, and the burgeoning role of AI in gaming. Our panelists offer diverse perspectives on the future of user-generated content platforms, investment trends, and the ever-changing mobile gaming scene. We also touch on emerging growth opportunities in the console market, including platforms like Steam Deck and Quest VR, providing a comprehensive outlook on what's next in the dynamic world of gaming. Join us for all the latest games business news with Dave EltonTammy LevyTaylor Hurst, and host Devin Becker.

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