Anyone involved in web3 knows how lightning fast the space moves. Every single day there is some major new development, every week there is a new NFT project that comes along and captures a huge amount of mindshare and huge amounts of trading volume, and every month whatever the prevailing “meta” is, is totally upended and the rules of the game get rewritten by the next hot hotness. 

In this episode, your host Niko Vuori talks to two independent web3 analysts who cover the space. Thomas Pan writes a daily web3 newsletter called “Web3 with TPan,” which provides a fun and entertaining analysis of what is driving the web3 news of the day. Chris Sotraidis writes a newsletter called “Spatial Awareness,” which is less frequent but goes really deep on topics, especially as it relates to established web2 brands engaging with, and building in, web3. 

Web3 with TPan: 

Spatial Awareness: 

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