Influencer houses, influencer agencies, and influencer campaigns — these are some of the most important forces in gaming distribution. Nadia Bubennikova, Head of Agency at Famesters, walks us through two campaigns on a Rust Expansion Pack in Dying Light and an Eastern European user acquisition play in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

We learn how a campaign comes together, what types of games qualify for influencer representation, the difference between platforms like Twitch and YouTube (and when you might choose one over the other), and KPI performance metrics both influencers and campaigns are measured against. Influencer marketing, in Nadia’s words, is something that is always changing — playbooks are refreshed by the minute. We dive into the fascinating and complicated world of influencers, hear the top three mistakes game studios typically make when they pursue an influencer strategy, and laugh a good bit about the behind-the-influencers’ scenes. 

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