How red is the ocean of shooters and is there room for innovation in what most consider a wildly competitive and oversaturated space? Roby John, CEO and Co-Founder at Supergaming (a studio building an indo-futurism mobile battle royale called Indus, check out their beta here) and Nikolaj Nyholm, CEO and Co-Founder at Scattershot (a studio building a competitive PvP battle royale shooter called Project Athena) both believe there’s disruption yet to come. Your host Alexandra Takei, Director of Business at Ruckus Games, and her crew discuss the macro-state of the shooter market across PC, console, and mobile as well as the pockets of opportunities across sub genres, demos, geos, economics, and development processes. We also take a trip down memory lane, and ask our guests if they were to have one feature in their game that defined generations of shooters to come (i.e. a modern day push forward combat), what might it be, and why is it important? A kingpin genre of the video game industry, this is not an episode to miss!   

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