Mythical Games is one of the busiest operators in the web3 ecosystem, with a finger in many pies. The company is the creator of the licensed mobile football game NFL Rivals, which crossed 1 million downloads just a couple of months after its launch earlier this year, and Blankos Block Party, a ​​multiplayer universe available on the Epic Games Store. In addition, Mythical operates the Mythos Foundation, on which it partners with other traditional game developers, web3 developers, and esports and guild operators. It also operates its own Mythical Platform, through which Mythical publishes third-party games.

There’s also the $MYTH ecosystem token, and the small matter of about $300 million raised in venture funding over the past couple of years, including $37 million in a Series C extension announced in late June of this year. In this episode, host Niko Vuori talks with Mythical founder and CEO John Linden about the company's various initiatives, its roadmap going forward, and how web3 hooks drive improved monetization and retention. To learn more, make sure to visit Mythical's website here. You can also find John Linden on LinkedIn.

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