Together with Dive, one of our Open Gaming Research Initiative partners, we’re exploring the topic of data and games through a limited podcast series called the “Data Corner”.

Today’s episode is Part 2 of Driving ROI with Data Analysis. It’s a broad topic that many understand has a lot of value, but not so many know how to engineer it in their gaming studios.

In Part 1, we talked about how game teams should think about setting up their data pipelines, data teams, processes and relationships with other teams, and budgets. Today, we’re going a little deeper into some more tactical questions around initiating and conducting data analyses, which should result in some actionable takeaways for listeners.

To discuss all this and more, we’re joined by Elad Levy, founder and CEO of DiveTammy Levy, Chief Games Officer at, and your host, Abhimanyu Kumar, Co-founder of Naavik.

We’d also like to thank Pragma for making this episode possible! Pragma is a Backend Game Engine that powers services like accounts, matchmaking and player data for the world’s most ambitious live service games. To learn more, head to