Together with Dive, one of Naavik's Open Gaming Research Initiative partners, we’re exploring the topic of data and games through a limited podcast series called the “Data Corner”.

Today’s episode is about “Driving ROI with Data Analysis” — a broad topic that everyone understands is valuable, but most don't know how to effectively engineer into their game studios. After all, ROI from data analysis goes beyond simply analyzing the data and also covers the entire activity funnel. For example, it's not ROI-effective when product teams don't know how to talk to data teams or when data teams don't know how to showcase results to marketing teams. ROI-effectiveness also can't happen if budgets aren’t allocated properly or if the proper data tooling doesn't exist across various teams.

It's a big topic! So we decided to split this conversation into two parts. Today, in part 1, we explore various parts of the data analysis value chain with Elad Levy, founder and CEO of DiveTammy Levy, Chief Games Officer at, and host Abhimanyu Kumar, co-founder of Naavik.

Make sure to send your thoughts, feedback, and questions to [email protected], so that we can address it all later in this limited series.

We’d also like to thank Dive for making this episode possible! Dive is a fully outsourced BI-as-a-Service solution that provides an enterprise-grade data platform and services for gaming studios on all platforms. It also saves studios hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. To learn more, go to: