“Show me how you play, and then I’ll tell you who you are”, says Joe Schaeppi, CEO and Co-Founder of AI powered studio Solsten. Today, Joe, Alex, and Kishen Patel, the author of “The Infinite Power of Play” in collaboration with our partners at Lightspeed, talk about the use cases of AI in games (#1: Cost and Time Reduction, #2: New Genres of AI Powered Games), what it means to understand not only player behavior but the psychographics of your player demo, and where we actually are in any of this becoming a day to day reality.

Are AI NPCs really a game changer? Are using GAN and diffusion models actually more cost effective? What moral obligation do gaming companies have to diagnose and alert players about their well being? That and more when you hit play! As a bonus, learn what going for the military victory in Civilization really says about you.

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