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Zynga-owned Toon Blast and Toy Blast maker Peak Games launched Match Factory worldwide in November 2023. It’s a fast-follow of Triple Match 3D in which players race against time to match three items from a pile of 3D objects and clear all the level objectives (gameplay video). 

Match Factory is a rare case of a big studio successfully fast-following into a new, growing subgenre with a unique go-to market strategy. The game was in soft launch on Android and iOS in the U.K. and Turkey for three months before exclusively launching globally only on the App Store.

So let's look at the early performance of Match Factory, and dig deeper into Zynga/Peak’s exclusivity bet.

The Connect Tiles Subgenre

2023 Connect Tiles Top Grossing
source:, Naavik

The connect tiles subgenre of puzzle games is led by Triple Match 3D with $138M in store revenue last year, the only game in the subgenre making over $100M in 2023.

Zen Match by Moon Active and newcomer Tile Busters by Spyke Games came in second and third by revenue with about $25M each. Fast forward to January 2024, and now Match Factory has taken second place with a monthly revenue of $6.7M, lagging Triple Match 3D‘s $11.1M, but topping Tile Busters’ $3.9M.

Source:, Naavik

If we take a look at the launches of these top two games, Match Factory is clearly coming out of the gate stronger. By D100:

  • Match Factory has significantly higher total downloads: 3M (versus 0.5M for Triple Match 3D).
  • Match Factory has higher total revenue: $13.8M (versus $1.4M for Triple Match 3D).
  • Match Factory has the best D100 RPD: $4.55 (versus $3.07 for Triple Match 3D).

By estimates, the percentage of paid downloads for the games is comparable, with Triple Match 3D’s 48% close to Match Factory’s 54%.

As a hybrid-casual game, advertising revenue accounts for roughly half of Triple Match 3D’s total revenue, but even generously doubling D100 revenue to $2.8M, it lags way behind Match Factory’s $13.8M. Tile Busters, though a slightly more polished experience, also falls into the hybrid-casual category, selling ad-removal IAPs. Match Factory on the other hand is a more polished, casual, ad-free puzzle game in a similar vein to Dream Games’ Royal Match.

Why is Match Factory performing better than these other games — at least at the start? In short, Match Factory provides a more polished, genre-leading core gameplay experience without intrusive ads, and being exclusive to the App Store focuses on its best performing audience.

Triple Match 3D vs Match Factory
Source: Naavik

Match Factory has over 5K colorful, fast-paced levels with top-notch assets and animations brought to life with a market leading 3D physics engine. Gone are the grays and (in contrast) dull levels and core gameplay animations of Triple Match 3D (gameplay video), which are constantly interrupted by intrusive ads. Both games operate with a relatively high price point — users can pay $2 when “out of moves” to continue — but Match Factory features a core gameplay experience matching the attention to detail of newer hit puzzle games like Royal Match.

As a result, Match Factory has higher retention rates. For instance, when looking at U.S. iOS players, Match Factory’s D1 and D3 retention rates of 45% and 32%, respectively, easily top Triple Match 3D’s comparable figures, 27% and 19%. The U.S. is the primary market for both games, but due to Match Factory’s iOS exclusivity skewing to a more Western audience, the U.S. accounts for 82% of its store revenue versus Triple Match 3D’s 66%.

Zynga at Its Peak

source:, Naavik

As we have covered previously, Peak experienced a rough period recently, with the tap-to-blast genre in decline for the past three years. Even though Zynga saw rising IAP revenue growth over the past couple of years (according to, Peak shrunk in its contribution — especially as its last tap-to-blast game, Star Blast, struggled during its soft launch. So it’s notable now that Peak is rebounding. Toon Blast’s IAP revenue rose 61% year-over-year for January to $26.7M, and Match Factory’s success now represents 17% (and growing) of Peak’s monthly IAP revenue.

F2P mobile game revenue today is a product of UA spend (downloads) and LTV (product performance). For a successful game, revenue growth comes from increasing UA spend, which in turn increases "quality" installs, increasing LTV (ARPU and lifetime) which is a signal to scale UA — all leading to revenue growth.

Though Google Play accounted for 37% of puzzle game revenue in 2023, it also accounted for 75% of puzzle game downloads. Which leaves the App Store with 25% downloads and 63% store revenue. For puzzle games in 2023, each App Store download brought in, on average, 440% more revenue than its Google Play counterpart.

Choosing to go global exclusively on the App Store supercharges the game revenue equation above and helps Peak fast follow into a new subgenre, successfully scaling Match Factory revenue beyond current genre leader Triple Match 3D. And it has done so as fast as possible with as few risks as possible.

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