Immutable is one of the leaders in the web3 gaming space, as well as one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies. The business has raised AUD$400 million dollars and was most recently valued at AUD$3.5 billion (about US$2.5 billion). The company was founded by brothers Robbie and James Ferguson in 2018 when it was called Fuel Games, and they developed and published the blockchain trading card game Gods Unchained. The company then rebranded as Immutable in 2019, added an NFT trading platform, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution and many other products. 

To get a sense of the ambitious plans Immutable has for moving web3 gaming forward, your host, Niko Vuori, sat down with Robbie Ferguson, one of the founders of Immutable, for an enlightening conversation. 

To learn more about Immutable, visit You can find Robbie Ferguson on LinkedIn.


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