Guild of Guardians, Immutable’s second major game after Gods Unchained, is one of the most anticipated web3 games of 2024. The game recently pivoted from a real-time RPG to an auto-battler, and is set for a May 15th global release. Guild of Guardians is one of the first games on Immutable’s new ZK-EVM blockchain, which Naavik covered in the January 24, 2024 episode of the podcast with Immutable founder, Robbie Ferguson. 

In the second half of the episode your host, Niko Vuori, and Naavik’s own web3 analyst, Devin Becker, spend some time reflecting on the state of web3 gaming now that a fresh crypto bull run is well underway. What does that mean for web3 games? Has the industry learned any lessons from the 2021-2022 rise and fall? Or is it all just tulip mania all over again? 

Check out Devin’s piece on Guild of Guardians at and Niko’s interview with Immutable founder Robbie Ferguson at


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