In this week's Roundtable, the squad kicks off with a deep dive into the Game Awards' staggering 118 million viewers, surpassing even the Super Bowl, and what this means for gaming's place in mainstream culture. We then shift gears to a recent Omdia report revealing VR's struggles, debating why it's floundering and what could turn it around by 2026. The conversation turns to China's proposed new regulations for mobile games, examining the immediate impact on industry giants like Tencent and NetEase, and the broader implications for global gaming markets. Finally, we explore Square Enix's new CEO's pivot in his annual public letter, moving away from web3 and towards a strong emphasis on AI, and what this strategic shift signifies for the future of the company. Join us for all the latest games business news with Dave EltonMatt Dion and host Devin Becker.


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