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Top 10 Digest Pieces

2023 was an outstanding year from the Naavik Digest team, and many of our top pieces highlight the year’s biggest news and most important emerging trends. Thank you, Digest team!

Top 10 Podcast Episodes

We sure talked your ears off in 2023, having published more than 120 episodes on the Naavik Gaming Podcast. It also seems like many of you were fascinated by web3 gaming, especially earlier in the year. A special thanks to our amazing hosts, panelists, and guests for keeping us informed and entertained! 

Top 10 Deep Dives

These deep dives take enormous talent and commitment to put together, and it was a great year to both publish new essays and republish some older ones. A big thanks to our all-star writers and partners who made the entire industry smarter in 2023!

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Dive was founded by Elad Levy — an industry veteran, investor, and advisor who sold his previous gaming company to Playtika and scaled it to a $1 billion valuation using the power of data. Dive manages over 60 million MAU of data from game studios, handling everything from the technical aspects of data to the analysis:

  • Designing, creating, and maintaining a Data Warehouse per studio
  • Data ingestion from different sources (client, s2s, marketing networks, attribution providers, etc.)
  • Normalizing, processing, and validating the data
  • Visualization: creating easy-to-follow dashboards and ad hoc analysis
  • Segmentation of data for easy-to-use Live Ops events

We help analyze anything from game economy balance, retention, progression, ROAS, and other business KPIs to more complex analysis and prediction models. And we’ve built an enterprise-level Live Ops tool that enables our partners to take action on that data.

Interested in learning how Dive can unleash the power of data for your business?

In Other News

💸 Funding & Acquisitions:

  • Addressable raises $6M for Web3 growth marketing
  • Big publishers forced to innovate through M&A, says Daglow

📊 Business & Products:

👾 Miscellaneous:

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