It is known that the gaming scene in CIS has political, legal, and regulatory challenges that make it hard to develop games or deploy investments into the region. But if you do it right, my guests, Maria Kochmola, Managing Partner at The Games Fund, and Arseny Lebedev, CEO and Co-Founder at Original Games, think it’s worth it. Today they both sit down with your host, Alexandra Takei, Director at Ruckus Games, and we discuss why going through the hurdles of employee relocation and headquarter restructuring are worth it in the long run. What do these challenges mean for a studio, and what is the lasting impact? What precisely is the Eastern European (CIS) gaming market in terms of countries and geos, and what are the games they are looking to make and play? Most importantly, what are some of the misconceptions the west has about the region, and what can games do to bridge the gap? That and more in today’s episode. 


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